Attracting the right talent for your company can be a challenging task, especially in today’s competitive job market. It requires a combination of the right methods, open communication channels, and a personalised approach. In this blog, we’ll share six tips for better recruitment that will help you navigate the hiring process and increase your chances of hiring the talent you are searching for.


Find your media. Long gone are the days of newspaper advertisements to attract job applicants. Now, there are multiple media options available each of them useful to reach a different audience. However, finding the right media and speaking there with the right tone can often be a matter of trial and error. It’s important to assess your audience and make adjustments as necessary.


Make it easy for the reluctant applicant: Statistics show that 60% of people who read job advertisements are not actively looking for work. Even actively looking candidates are likely to be overwhelmed by the multitude of job adverts at any given time.To stand out, go by the rules of good marketing. An advert is not a job description. It should draw in the target audience (the “perfect applicant”) with information that creates interest, outlines the process and calls for action: the application.

Employer Branding

By showcasing your business in a unique and authentic way, you can attract the right applicants who are genuinely interested in your company culture. Talk about the organisation and the people working there – the applicant’s future colleagues.


Communication is key in the recruitment process for both, good and bad news. Keep your applicants interested and informed throughout the process.


It’s important to lay out the recruitment process right from the start, so applicants know what to expect and when. Open your channels for questions and make it easy for potential candidates to take the first step.

Dedicated contact

Optimise your process and communication to avoid dropouts. Having a dedicated contact for applicants to approach with questions will help maintain their interest and keep them informed throughout the process.

The recruiter’s role is crucial in this stage, acting as a neutral middle ground. We ensure both communication channels remain frank and open. Candidates would be reluctant to tell you about other job offers and decision deadlines. A good recruiter will ensure you don’t lose a great talent just because you didn’t know the applicant’s timelines.

At Worksmiths, we’re dedicated to helping you unlock your company’s full potential through exceptional talent acquisition. Whether you need guidance or are ready to dive in, we’re just an email or call away. Let’s embark on this journey together.


Image by Sally Wilson from Pixabay